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Stop the Toxic Sale of mercury-laden dolphin meat.

A lot of people don’t know this meat is riddled with dangerous levels of mercury. It could pose a serious risk to human health, but sales are taking place under the radar of public officials.

Can you help stop these horrific hunts that torture and kill hundreds of beautiful dolphins every year?

Please sign the petition calling on Mr. Shigeyuki Goto, Minister for Health in Japan, to stop ignoring the evidence and ban the sale of this toxic product.

Experts argue the killing method used in Taiji ‘would register at the highest level of gross trauma, pain, and distress’.

Your signature will not only help keep people safe. It could pressure officials to end this horrific slaughter – saving countless dolphins from suffering and death.

Watch this video to find out more.

Drive hunting dolphins

The methods used to capture and kill dolphins in Taiji is unthinkably cruel.

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Petition text

Minister Shigeyuki Goto

To: Minister Shigeyuki Goto, Japanese Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare.

I respectfully ask that you protect the health and wellbeing of the people of Japan by stopping the sale of dolphin meat containing high levels of mercury.

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Minister Shigeyuki Goto

Numerous tests have shown dolphin meat for sale across the country contains levels of mercury that are much higher than the amount your government recommends as safe for human consumption, as laid out in the Food Sanitation Act. However this product continues to be sold with very little regulation or testing – putting people’s health at serious risk.

Japan has national limits regarding the amount of mercury allowed in food for a good reason; it is a dangerous substance.

Using your authority to halt the sale of mercury-laden meat would demonstrate great leadership and genuine care for the people who elected you to protect them. Please do not let them down. Take responsibility for people’s health by getting this toxic product off the shelf.

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Drive hunting dolphins

‘Drive hunting’ in action. Governor Nisaka issues the permit for this cruel hunt that causes maximum pain to its victims.

Dolphin meat

This meat contains dangerous levels of mercury. Your signature can help get it off supermarket shelves.

These people have taken action to #STOPTHETOXICSALE:
  • Natalie , Australia Australia
    Stop the cruelty of these innocent beings. Let them live in peace and freedom.
  • Lynda, Australia Australia
    Please put a stop to the murder of those beautiful douphins . Please find it in your heart
  • Lynda, Australia Australia
    Please stop murdering those beautiful creatures.
  • Nicola, United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • evan, United States United States
    Stay away from the dolphins, they deserve to live too!
  • evan, United States United States
    Stay away from the dolphins, they deserve to live too!