Dolphin abuse around the world

On behalf of these beautiful animals, and everyone at Action for Dolphins, thank you!


Thank you so much for signing the petition to stop the sale of dolphin meat.

Your name can help pressure Japanese health officials to get this toxic product off the shelf – saving thousands of dolphins from slaughter.

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Trying to stop the dolphin slaughters from a human health perspective is a different approach from what we’ve tried in the past.

We really believe it could shift attitudes against dolphin hunting in Japan, opening people’s eyes to just how cruel and dangerous the dolphin meat trade is.

In order for this approach to work we need as many people as possible to do what you have just done, and take a stand against cruelty.

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Every signature added to the petition makes it a little bit harder for the Minister for Health to stop ignoring this issue.

If we speak up loudly enough he will have no choice but to ban the sale of dolphin meat, ending the slaughters in Taiji.

Your support has brought us one step closer to a world without dolphin hunting. For that, I can’t thank you enough.

Yours in gratitude,


Sarah Lucas